The LARGEST Collection of its kind in the World... Finally Uncovered

  • Hundreds of  pieces of Framed and Unframed Criminal Art
  • Serial Killer Artifacts and Clothing
  • 9,000 Signed Letters (with over 20 years of David Berkowitz letters)
  • Over 100 Audio Tapes of Prison Phone Calls
  • Tens of Signed and Unsigned Photos

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From Usual to the Unusual. Prized collectibles include:

Art Work


Pogo The  Clown



Rubble, Branch Davidian
Compound, Wako

Signed Letters


Poem and Handprint

Manson's Fingerprint Card

Charles Manson Fingerprint Card

Prison Artifacts, Detention Letters, Parole  Documents, Execution Orders

Susan Smith letter


Handwritten Letters: Susan Smith, Richard Angelo, Robert Bardo, David Berkowitz

Jeffrey Dahmer's H.S. Yearbook


H.S. Yearbooks: Dahmer, Oswald, Menendez to name just a few

Yearbooks / Audio Tapes / Hair / Clothing



Kenneth Bianchi (Peronal Copy),  Jeffrey Dahmer, John Hinckley, Kato Kaelin, Monica Lewiinsky, Erek Menendez, Lee Oswald, Joel Rifkin, Jason Simpson (Personal Copy), Susan Vaughn Smith, Becky Powell Wilcox (Personal Copy). 

Over 100 Taped Audio of Prison Initiated Phone Calls

Bardo  -  Bianchi   -  Bonin  -  Calihan  -  Coffman  -  Coleman  -  Ducker  -  Evans  -  

Falling  -  Foster  -  Gacy  -  Grasso  -  Grooms  -  Manson   -  Olsen Perillo  -  Ramierz  -  Saldivar  -  Shawcross  -  Ross (knife dealer re. Simpson)  -  Smith  -  Wallace  -  Williams  -  Woodfield.

Inmate Clothing

Susan Smith t-shirt and panties - Christopher Scarver 2 piece jump suit - Carlson t-shirt and shorts - Lana grooms lace bra and panties - Heidi Fleiss signed panties.

Inmate Hair

Ted Bundy' (shaved at the time of execution) - Priscilla Ford - Lafonda Fay Foster - John Wayne Gacy - Charles Manson - Shonda Johnson.


Ted Bundy paint chip from his death row cell - Charles Manson signed Spiderman Comics - Jack Ruby tuxedo shirt - Christopher Scarver jump suit - John Wayne Gacy signed True Crime card - Richard Ramirez signed True crime card - Handwritten/signed letter by Robert Stroud, The Birdman of Alcatraz - Heavens Gate Bunk Bed.


Manson Craft


Randy Woodfield carved image 

of Manson in leather craft

Mob Memorabilia


Signed check by "The Godfather"
Carlo Gambino

Nazi / Third Reich


2 foot x 6 foot Nazi
podium banner

Heaven's Gate Cult


Red bunk bed from Heaven's Gate. One of only several known to exist. 39 people committed suicide and were discovered on bunk beds 

Lee Harvey Oswald


Signed photo by M. Nick McDonald, the police officer who captured Lee Harvey Oswald. McDonald holding Oswald's gun

Joel Rifkin Art


Pencil art by Joel Rifkin aka Joel The Ripper, 17 victims in NYC and Long Island

World's Largest Collection of Berkowitz Letters

The Arrest of David Berkowitz


Letters, Drawings, and Trial Documents

Signed Berkowitz Letters


22 years and 425 letters of personal communication received from David Berkowitz, The Son of Sam

Serial Killer, Murderabilia, and (some) Celebrities:

Albert, Marv     Angelo, Richard     Atkins, Susan     Barbo, Robert     Berkowitz, David     Bianchi, Kenneth     Biggs, Ronnie     Bittaker, Lawrence     Bobbit, John Wayne     Bonanno, Rosalie and Bill     Bonin, William (Bill)     Bordon, Lizzie     Britt, Eugene     Brown, James     Brudos, Jerome     Buenoano, Judy     Bundy, Ted     Buttafuoco, Joey     Calihan, Kenny     Capone, Alphonse     Capote, Truman     Carlson, James     Carruth, Rae     Carter, Rosalyn     Caudill, Jenny     Chandler, Oba     Chapman, David     Clark, Douglas     Coffman, Cynthia     Coleman, Alton     Cooper, Dana           Corona, Juan     Cowlings, Al     Cunanan, Andrew     Dahmer, Jeffrey     Davis, Richard Allen     DelaBeckwith, Byron     Downs, Diane     Ducker, Jennie     Echlos, Damien     Evans, Donald Leroy     Falling, Christine     Fleiss, Heidi     Ford, Priscilla     Foster, Lafonda Fay     Francois, Kendall     Fromme, Lynette     Gacy, John Wayne     Gambino, Carlo     Gaxiola, Michael     Gissendaner, Kelly     Goetz, Bernard     Gonzalez, Julio     Good, Sandra     Gooden, Dwight     Gore, David     Gotti, John Jr     Gotti, John Sr     Graham, Harrison     Grasso, Thomas     Grooms, Lana     Hansen, Marla     Hansen, Robert     Harris, Jean     Hearst, Patricia     Heavens Gate     Heirens, William     Helmsley, Leona     Henley, Jr., Elmer Wayne     Herman, PeeWee (Paul Reubens)     Hinckley, John     Hitler, Adolf     Hoover, J. Edgar     Hunt, Deidre     Hunter, Roger     Jackson, Jessie     Jesperson, Keith     Johnson, Milton     Johnson, Shonda     Jones, Jim     Karpis, Alvin     Kellin, Brian (Kato)     Kemper, Edmund     Kerrigan, Nancy     Kersee, Charity     Kevorkian, Jack     King, Eric John     Kipp, Martin     Koon, Stacey     Koresh, David     Kuby, Ron     La Vey, Anton     Lansky, Meyer     Larzelere, Virginia     Levelle, James     Lewinsky, Monica     Lewis, Ray     Lima, Carolyn     Lioy, Doreen     Lockhart, Michael     Long, Robert     Lucas, Henry Lee     Mac, Kwan Fai     Mack, Jimmie     Manson, Charles     McDonald, Nick     McDuff, Kenneth     McLain, Denny     Menendez, Erik     Menendez, Lyle     Miley, Greg     Monro, James     Moore, Blanche     Nazi flag /memorabilia     Neelley, Judith     Norris, Roy     NY Times plate     NYS  Dept Correction     Olson, Clifford Robert     Oswald, Lee Harvey     Perillo, Pamela     Peterson, Scott     Piccirillo, John     Pike, Christa     Polanski, Roman     Prante, John     Prison fingerprint cards     Pritchard, Hank     Puente, Dorothea     Putt, George     Ramirez, Richard     Rathbun, Charles     Ray, James Earl     Rifkin, Joel     Rippey, Hope     Rivera, Vincent     Rogers, Dayton     Rogers, Glen     Rolling, Danny     Routier, Darlie     Ruby, Jack     Salazar, J     Saldivar, Yolanda     Samuels, Tanya     Sanchez, Dolores     Scarver, Christopher     Schaeffer, Gerard       Seda, Heriberto     Selena     Serial killer calendar     Shaprton, Al     Shawcross, Arthur     Shulman, Robert     Simpson, Jason     Simpson, O.J.     Sing Sing Prison     Sirhan, Sirhan     Smart, Pamela     Smith, Susan     Smith, Tony     Solomon, Morris     Stano, Gerald     Strohmeyer, Jeremy     Stroud,  Robert     Thomas, Charles     Toole, Ottis     Tucker, Karla Faye     Vaughn, Susan (Smith, Susan)     Vega, Juan     Vernon, Michael     Vertucci, M.     Votruba, Frank     Wallace, Henry Louis     Watson, Charles Tex     Watts, Coral     Wilcox, Phyllis     Williams, Wayne     Wilson, Tom     Woodfield, Randall        Zook, Phyllis (Becky Powell)   

There is an average of 20 serial killers/year in the U.S. Ten are caught and 10 remain on the loose. Each of them murder an average of 10 people resulting in 200 serial killer related murders/year. Dr. Jack Levin, Criminologist, Northeastern University, Boston.  

By studying the artifacts, letters and art of yesterday's serial killers, we can better understand the past with the hope of having a productive impact on the future. 

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